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The flowers on my orchid plant have naturally fallen? Now what?
Bring in your container in its entirety. Let us know how many orchid plants you would like filled and what color. We'll tag your order and call you when it's ready for pick up.

How long will it take to refill and redesign my arrangement?
It usually takes a few days. If you need it rushed, let us know and we promise to do our best to accommodate you.

What are my refill options?
We offer white and purple Phalaenopsis orchids year round. Throughout the year, we offer unique seasonal varieties and colors when available.

Do you deliver your orchids?
Yes. We deliver our orchids and other living plants locally throughout the Los Angeles area. Note: We ship worldwide for all "non-living" items (furniture, sculptures, accessories, etc).

Do you offer a pick up service?
Yes. We offer a pick up and delivery service for those who are unable to drop off and/or pick up their orchid arrangements.

I know exactly what I want. Can I place a custom order?
Yes. Custom orders are welcome at no additional charge. Once the flowers naturally fall off the stem, your arrangement will be enrolled in our Orchid Club.

I have my own container. Can you design an arrangement with my container?
Yes. If you love your container, we're happy to. Once the flowers naturally fall off the stem, your arrangement will be enrolled in our Orchid Club.

I have a purple orchid. Can I refill my arrangement with a white orchid next time?
Yes. Have fun and feel free to change your orchid color each time you refill.

I have 2 orchids in my arrangement. Can I refill my container with 1 orchid next time?
Yes. The decision is always yours. We want you to be happy. There are no fussy rules with our Orchid Club. You can even ask for 3 orchids next time. If there is enough space in your container, we're happy to do it.

Can I set up an account with you?
Yes. We welcome residential + corporate accounts. Please call 323.463.1818 or email to set up an account.

Do you cater to special events?
Yes. We cater to all special events. Orchid Arrangements make beautiful centerpieces. They are classy, easy to care for and very long-lasting. Our custom botanical sculptures also make beautiful centerpieces.

I would like to send a gift. How will the recipient know he/she is a member of your Orchid Club?
We include a "Welcome to the Orchid Club" card with every gift.

How can I add orchid refills with my gift?
Orchid Club "Refill" Gift Cards are available. There's nothing better than the gift that keeps on giving.

Where can I view photos of your orchid arrangements?
Click here to view orchid arrangements.

Please call 323.463.1818 or email us:

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